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Feel Tight with SKIN TIGHT

Posted on: June 16th, 2014
Mio Skincare

Mio Skincare

It’s that time of year again…SUMMER!  It’s time to take out your sleeveless shirts and dresses and of course…Bathing Suits. What does this all mean? It’s time for Mio Skincare’s Skin Tight Body Serum. Skin Tight tightening body serum is just the nudge your skin needs to  help with tightening, smoothing and ultra softness.

I use many of Mio Skincare products and Skin Tight is sensational. The founders of Mio skincare are firm beliveres in giving you Fit Skin For Life, and indeed they have.

You only need 1 or 2 applications of Skin Tight a week and after only one application, you will immediately feel the serum work. After 30 days, you will see maximum results. I am focusing on my neck and arms and after applying Skin Tight, I feel a slight tightening sensation as the serum dries and starts to work its magic. The refreshing herbal scent smells fantastic and really gets you going in the morning.

Skin Tight is designed to firm “crepey, overstretched tummies, knees, bumpy backs of arms, thighs.”  Skin Tight tightening serum also offers a gentle exfoliation which you can’t even feel as you massage it into your skin. After applying, yuo will feel the softness of your skin, it’s amazing!

Use Skin Tight anywhere on your body. As stated by Mio Skincare, “This retexturising serum is multi-purpose. Boobs, tummy, backs of arms, tops of legs and droopy knees can all benefit from a little ‘lift, tighten and tone’!”

Another great aspect with Skin Tight is that you don’t have to give up your favorite body moisturizers and lotions. Simply apply Skin Tight as a base  and allow to dry for 15 minutes before using other products.

Skin Tight tightening serum offer the perfect skin tightening, retexturizing, and brighter for uneven crepey skin. Skin Tight contains exfoliating Papaya Enzymes, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, brightening Vitamin C, antioxidants Pomegranate and Green Tea and their unique firming Oat Protein Complex  fights off future wrinkles and sags.

The summer has just begun and its never too late to pamper your skin and give it a little something extra like tightening with Mio Skincare’s Skin Tight tightening Serum.

Like It, Love It, Want It

Posted on: June 13th, 2014


Health Beauty Life

Health Beauty Life

Health Beauty Life’s  Like It, Love It, Want It Box is definitely a box you want to receive on a regular basis. If  you are not familiar with Health Beauty Life, they have a Television program which is in its 3rd season (check local listings), and a fabulous Magazine. To top it off, Health Beauty Life is offing their fans a Beauty Box called Like it, Love It, Want It, and you will definitely want it!

I received my first box along with the 2014 Spring Issue of Health Beauty Life Magazine (included). I enjoyed the magazine very much and was excited about the products enclosed in Health Beauty Life’s debut beauty box.

Like It, Live It, Want It Beauty Box included national name brand products like a 4 oz. bottle of Skin Joy Mist Spray, Bella Vado Lip Balm, Keeki Pure and Simple Ginger Blossom Body Lotions (one of my favorites), Zero White Dial a Smile which I can’t wait to use, HBI Hair Mask and a Paleo Krunch Bar. The value of the contents is well over $150.00 and the box, which is delivered quarterly is only 29.95 a box.  WOW! Simply incredible and I was so impressed with the quality of products that I can’t wait to receive my next box.

As a subscriber to Like It, Live It, Want It, every 3 months, you will receive  an assortment of name brand beauty products and even tasty treats from time to time. It’s only $29.95 per box, plus sales tax and shipping. Each box comes with a $100.00 minimum value based on collective retail prices. What a deal! Each box also includes the latest issue of Health Beauty Life Magazine. The Magazine features travel destinations, recipes, style tips, and celebrity interviews.

EVOLUTIONMAN is Extraordinary Skincare for Men

Posted on: June 9th, 2014


Evolution Man

Evolution Man

A friend of mine recently told that me she is convinced her husband is using some of her moisturizers because they are never in the same place where she leaves them. I told her that my husband has no problem testing out facial products for me even if they are marked for women. Let’s face it, there are many men out there that like our beauty products. This got me thinking, why not gift my husband for Father’s Day, beauty products branded with men in mind? The answer? EVOLUTIONMAN!

EVOLUTIONMAN offers skincare dsigned with men in mind. EVOLUTIONMAN  carries an exquisite line of products for shaving, nail care, skincare, lip care, acne control and so much more. EVOLUTIONMAN‘S Dynamic Duo: Restore & Prevent kit is the perfect starter set to give your favorite guy this Father’s Day. These two amazing products are loaded with antioxidants other fine ingredients which is what makes this skincare line spectacular.

Restore & Prevent contains two products. Moisture Protect SPF 20 and Revilitize Eye Gel. Moisture Protect SPF 20. This oil-free moisturizer is formulated to promote elasticity in the skin and reduce fine lines. Moisture Protect SPF 20 will relieve discomfort from razor burns and has a very faint scent so he doesn’t have to worry about smelling like a perfume bottle. Moisture Protect SPF 20 contains antioxidants such as green tea, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. Most importantly, this moisturizer offers protection from sun damage, which is the leading cause of premature aging. Try using Moisture Protect SPF 20 on the scalp too!

Also included in the set is Revitilizing Eye Gel. What man wouldn’t want to reduce puffiness around their eyes, after all, their eyes get puffy too! This lightweight eye gel targets puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Revitilizing Eye Gel contains Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid which revitalizes skin clarity by exfoliating the buildup of surface cells. Licorice extract, Algae extract and Antarctic Seaweed Extract help to reduce inflammation, promote soft skin and works to prevent wrinkling and sagging. Both Products are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosans which is a plus.

EVOLUTIONMAN Dynamic Duo: Restore & Prevent is the perfect gift for any man who wants to have great looking skin.


Fragrances Men will love this Father’s Day

Posted on: June 6th, 2014


With Father’s Day right around the corner, I am constantly asked the same question, “What should we get dad for Father’s Day?”. Thankfully, my 20 year old son weighed in and mentioned two colognes he found at our local mall while Father’s Day shopping. He found a few colognes that he thought would be good choices for “Dad”. My son likes to have a say in the fragrances we buy for “Dad”, because , after all, he will most likely be using it the most. My boys are huge fans of Ralph Lauren fragrances and Polo Blue Sport is right up there as being one of there favorites. They thought this would make a great gift because of the light citrus scent of green apples, mint, mandarin, sage and ginger. It is the perfect scent for a day on the golf course, a day at the beach or right at home watching his favorite sporting event on TV.  Any man will truly love this scent and it is the perfect gift for the favorite man in your life.  My children chose this as their gift to Dad. Polo Blue Sport can be found at at  It is available in 2.5 oz. and  4.2 oz. bottles.




The fragrance I chose is a spectacular fragrance that I know my husband will also love, Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf. The fragrance is very masculine and I will love this scent on him. I Know my husband will also like this fragrance because of the spicy, woody scent and is perfect fragrance for work or for a night out. Spicebomb by Victor & Rolf carries Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper and elemi; Middle notes of cinnamon chili pepper and saffron; Bottom notes of leather, vetiver and tobacco. This fragrance is incredible! Another attractive feature with this cologne is the design, a hand grenade bottle which I thought was really clever and it looked amazing. The fragrance has a very masculine scent, one you might find as explosive! You really have to experience this fragrance at It is available in 1.7 oz. and 3 oz. bottles.


Soak up the goodness with masque BAR by Look Beauty

Posted on: June 2nd, 2014


masque BAR

masque BAR

South Korea gets the credit for these amazing masks. They have discovered easy to use and affordable facial masks creating one for every skin care concern. masque BAR by Look Beauty offers unique sheet and gel masks which are precut to match your facial contours and are fun and easy to use. These amazing masks are the perfect way to relax at the end of a long stressful day.

I recently tried masque BAR’s BRIGHTENING sheet mask and their WRINKLE REDUCING sheet mask and I can’t wait to try others. The masks are so easy to use. Carefully remvove the pre moistened mask from the package, spread the mask open and apply to your face carefully pressing the mask to cover your skin. masque BAR sheet masks are thin, soft cotton sheets that are presoaked in a special serum. All you need is 20 to 30 minutes to allow the serum to soak in and just peel off . That’s it, no mess and no fuss, and you are done.

The mask BAR BRIGHTENING sheets are formulated to help reduce dark spots and pigment irregularities giving you a more even complexion. masque BAR BRIGHTENING sheets are unscented and perfect for dry skin. Soak up the Orange Extract, Licorice Root and Vitiamin C with this sensational mask!

masque BAR

masque BAR

masque BAR WRINKLE REDUCING face mask is equally enjoyable to use. The mask is used like the Brightening sheets. They are collagen infused and designed to reduce wrinkles and hydrate your skin. You will definitely notice soft and smooth skin after using this mask. Relax and soak up the goodness of the Green Tea Extract, Collagen and Vitamin E in each wrinkle reducing sheet mask.  Masque BAR facial masks are fun, easy to use and a great way to relax. Visit  lookbeautyproducts and view all the masks that Look Beauty has to offer. I can’t wait to try the other masques available such as the mask BAR’S Pore Refining creme mask, Firming and Lifting hydro gel mask and their Anti-Blemish mud mask.    Soak up the goodness NOW!


Le Feu de L’eau Natural Soy based Candles are a must this Summer!

Posted on: May 29th, 2014
Le Feu de L’eau

Le Feu de L’eau



Le Feu De L’eau Boutique Luxury candles are a  fine-art inspired collection of colorful, organic, sculptural candles, featuring bespoke water textured patterns and chic, natural scents. Le Feu de L’Eau, or “The Fire of the Water,” was founded by Los Angeles based creators Jo Strettell, a veteran fashion and celebrity makeup artist, and Wendy Polish, a fine art trained designer. These creative industry insiders, and longtime friends, joined forces to create a line of one-of-a-kind candles that allow anyone to bring a beautiful and functional custom work of art into their home.

Each natural soy based candle is individually hand sculpted under water—so no two are ever alike—using an original high temperature technique. This pioneering process, first invented in the late 1960s by Polish’s father and refined over the years by father and daughter, creates distinctive striations of vibrant color, unique sculptural shapes, and sophisticated organic designs. Featuring Polish’s hand mixed colors and Strettell’s custom blended fragrances, these luxury votives burn for up to 80 hours to bring premium, nature inspired ambiance to any room.

Unlike traditional candles, every Le Feu de L’Eau offering is named for its unique hue, rather than its scent. This signature convention celebrates color above all and frees users to discover and explore each fragrance without preconception. Available in 10 stunning colors and scents, find “the fire” that inspires you.

View the entire collecton at





Pure and Clean Skincare from LaBelle

Posted on: May 27th, 2014

LaBelle DAy Spa & Salon

If you have oily and acne prone skin, you won’t want to miss learning about LaBelle’s Purifying Mask and LaBelle’s Instant Blemish Resolve.

Bella Schneider, creator of LaBelle, is known internationally as a product formulator and Crystal Award  Winner as well as starting her first LaBelle Day Spa & Salon in 1976.  Bella is currently  launching her new retail line of leading-edge skincare products.

Labelle’s Purifying Mask is one of them and it is a mask like no other. This is the  perfect remedy for acne and oily prone skin which several members of my family have. Labelle’s purifying Mask can be used several different ways, with fantastic results. The Purifying Mask is like a moisturizer. It is soft and non drying and applied like a moisturizer after cleansing your face in the morning and/or at bedtime. Purifying Mask absorbs excess oil on your skin helping to reduce breakouts. The Beard lichen powder that it contains is a natural alternative to antibiotics and purifies skin. After using Lebelle’s Purifying Mask you will immediately notice dry, soft skin and when used under make-up, which I do, your skin will feel dry all day.

Instant Blemish Resolve with Salicylic Acid

One of my daughters recently requested that I find a facial product which contains Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is used in many acne products to help clear and prevent pimples in acne sufferers.  LaBelle’s Instant Blemish Resolve with Salicylic Acid  was perfect for her. She applies the liquid every night before bed and notices that her breakouts dry up overnight and is really pleased with the results she is getting. According to Labelle, “Instant Blemish Resolve with Salicylic Acid “is the key to a quick cure. Our antibacterial blend is highly potent, yet gentle enough to dab on blemishes morning and night. Treats existing spots and prevents new ones”.

Visit and view ther complete skincare line.

Freshen up with a Fresh Tip

Posted on: May 21st, 2014
Fresh Tips

Fresh Tips


Did you ever have one of those days when you want the world to see how happy you are and your breath prevents you from doing so? I know, we’ve all had those days. I assure you, all you need is a Fresh Tip, that’s it,  just a simple Fresh Tip will have you feeling fresh and confident and ready to face the world “up close”.

What is a Fresh Tip? They are disposable mouth fresheners that brush your teeth, tongue and gums and freshen your breath while on the go. They are sugar free and come in 2 fabulous flavors, peppermint and bubblegum.

I have been carrying my Fresh Tips in my handbag and they really have come in handy. Tooth brushes are not practical to carry around during the day and a Fresh Tip will help keep your breath fresh and your teeth clean at any time. Fresh Tips are especially helpful after meals when on the go. They even have a toothpick-like curve on one end for your convenience and absolutely NO water is needed!


Dr. Deborah Luis, founder of Fresh-Tips is a dentist and mom concerned about oral health. Dr. Luis, along with her husband Rene Luis, launched Fresh-Tips as a “fun and effective way to cure bad breath on-the-go

Dr. Luis recently told “It’s a Glam Thing”, “In addition to being a dentist myself I come from a family of dental professionals and I designed Fresh-Tips to be effective and not abrasive on teeth,tongue and gums. Fresh-Tips is made with xylitol, which we dentists love, because it helps reduce plaque in the mouth and helps fight cavities.”



Fresh Tips are easy to use, simply place one in your mouth and suck on the white mint like you would a lollipop. You can spin it, swirl it and toss it around in your mouth. They are fun and effective!

Fresh-Tips are designed to be non abrasive on your teeth, tongue and gums.  They are also made with xylitol, which dentists love, because Xylitol helps reduce plaque in the mouth and helps fight cavities.

Order your Fresh Tips today and don’t leave home without some.

Brush Your Way To Healthy Skin

Posted on: May 19th, 2014

There are many sunscreens and sunblocks on the market today with SPF ranging from 2 to 100. There are also a variety of applications one can use when choosing a sunscreen and sunblock.  There are lotions, sprays, mousses, foams, roll-ons and sticks but did you ever try a brush-on sunscreen?  Well, you can now with Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. That’s right, sunscreen in the form of a brush on, very clever.  When you try it, you will understand exactly what I mean.

Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 was created by Susan Posnick, Mary Kay’s personal makeup artist, as well as a beauty professional and skincare expert. Having been diagnosed with skin cancer herself in the 1990′s, Susan Posnick researched and developed Brush On Block. Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is designed for the entire family and is very easy to use. It provides instant coverage and is non-irritating to the skin. Because the mineral powder is not absorbed into the skin, it will not clog your pores, so it is ideal to use on your face, especially if you have acne prone skin so teens and young adults will love it.

With a twist of the container, the brush pops up and you can brush the mineral powder onto your skin. When you are finished, and with another simple twist, the brush slides back into place. Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 will fit conveniently in your book bag, sports pack, pocket, even a bike pack. It is so convenient to carry and is extremely clean to use.  Say good bye to messy applications, or greasy residue. With  just a quick “brush on” of this natural mineral powder and you will have the full protection from the sun you are looking for.  You can re-apply as often as you like.

Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 contains the active ingredient titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is also important to note that Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is sweat and water resistant and comes in a Patent-pending, self dispensing, refillable brush.

You can find Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30  along with refills at and at and brush your way to healthy skin.


Reduce Pain in a Cool way with Skincool Ice Rollers

Posted on: May 15th, 2014
Skincool Ice Roller

Skincool Ice Roller

My Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller could not have come at a better time. I recently had some minor knee surgery and there is an area that I need to ice several times a day. I am having a big problem with ice packs. They are too big for the area that needs icing and they can be very uncomfortable on the skin. The Skincool Ice Roller is perfect because I can roll the chilled roller over an isolated area rather than have an ice pack cover skin that doesn’t need to be iced!  The Skincool Ice Roller allows you to focus on the area that needs icing.

The skincool Ice Roller has so many uses. Try cooling your eyebrows before and/or after plucking, waxing or threading. Let’s face it, dripping ice cubes and face cloths aren’t comfortable. The Skincool Ice Roller works beautifully on insect bits, just roll over the itchy, irritated area for fast relief. I found myself rolling the Skincool Ice Roller over my joints and a few aching muscles and it felt so cool and relaxing.

Another nice feature with the Skincool Ice Roller are the removable rollers. The rollers easily pop on and off for easy freezing and the handle doesn’t need to be chilled which makes rolling comfortable because the handle is at room temperature.

Skincool Ice Rollers are offferd with a plastic roller or stainless steel roller and I have both in the freezer now. I find that the stainless steel roller feels slightly colder but I love both rollers the same.

Skincool Ice rollers can be found at


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